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Launch of the production of a new type of elements

Launch of the production of a new type of elements

In May 2021, Bautopas UAB launched the manufacture of the products under the new Decobaut brand.

The afore-mentioned products are stainless steel structures covered with tiles cut out from bricks. Such elements are very useful in implementing intricate architectural forms of finish brickwork such as arches, vaults, suspended ceilings, cornices, or large overhanging cornices, among others.

The main constituent element of the products are metal lintels (beams) with or without “suspended” rows of brickwork. Different brickwork “suspension” methods can be used, ranging from a simple horizontal arrangement to a complex combined method involving 1.5 or 2 bricks.

The launch of the new product series is the result of a meticulous analysis of market needs, trends and prospects. The integration of innovative design methods has also played a part in the production of these new products. The production process of the new product series uses premium materials including certified adhesives which have been subjected to numerous tests when gluing ceramic tiles to metal.