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Construction of SAULES SKOLA school. Daugavpils, Latvia

Construction of SAULES SKOLA school. Daugavpils, Latvia

The construction works taking place in Daugavpils include the modernization of the existing building of Saules Skola, the design and art secondary school, and the construction of new building sections.

Saules Skola will meet the strictest requirements for creative education. The furnishings of the school premises will be adapted to various educational activities and work, including ceramics, painting, photography, video art, etc. The school will also accommodate a large canteen and a physical education hall.

The specific nature of the school was the deciding factor that determined the concept proposed by the project authors in creating the architectural solution of Saules Skola building complex. All the buildings feature unique façades. They differ not only in terms of style but also by the materials used. The brick façade of one of the buildings was designed with a complex brickwork pattern.

The BAUT fixing system used in the project helped to start the installation of the decorative brickwork from the first floor above the school entrance. This solution added a unique character to the building and allowed architects to turn the entrance into a statement element of the building.

Architect: Līga Rutka

Architecture atelier: Мark Arhitekti

Contractor: Lagron SIA