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Bautopas UAB, presents the products of NV BEKAERT SA – “Stucanet®”, „Armanet®“ and „Widra®“

„Stucanet®“ – is a lath made from a galvanised welded wire mesh into which an absorbent sheet of perforated chip paper is interwoven. The perforations in the chip paper allow an optimal key of the  mortar around the galvanized wires.

Armanet®  – is a heavy galvanized welded mesh used for interior and exterior plastering and rendering. It is used as reinforcing mesh for plastering in the renovation of cracked walls. It is also used as a plaster support for insulation systems.

Widra®-  is a  steel-wire corner-beads for inside and outside rendering. They are used to form straight corners when plastering. It is manufactured from heavily galvanized steel wire for excellent corrosion resistance.

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